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Elvis Guy! Groovy Man! Football Hooligan! Techno Sarge! Politics Dude! Super Bill! Smoker! Capt. Details! The Thrasher! Flasher!

Monday thru Friday, 9 to 5, when the world is a bustle - or perhaps a ghetto, the OffShift Heroes... Well, I'm not sure what they do then, we can't ask them (legal loophole). But rest assured when the clock strikes 2AM late saturday night, early sunday morning they will be Johnny on the cat... I mean spot. Righting wrongs, lefts, leftists and any other evil that stays up past its bed time to mess with the common folk.


Tired and true in cover jobs at the Daughters of meth charity thrift store. Manning the new 'Do it yourself help center' . Making sure when you lose your wallet on weekends and holidays there is someone to answer the phone and let you know you're really up the creek.

Completed 02/26/2005
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