The Shifters
Comics Bat Guy
ebay Documentarian
ebay The Drunkard
paypal Entrepreneur
Yahoo Fisher Man
Hotmail Rifle Man
Hotmail Hothead
Hotmail The Staff
Hotmail The Sweeper
Hotmail The Whip

The Adventures
D W It Begins
J B Secret HQ
J B An Evil Day
J B A Worse Day
J B Drunk Fu
J B Banana Split
J B Guitar Fu
J B Where dey now?

Bat Guy! Documentarian! Drunkard! Entrepreneur! Fisher Man! Rifle Man! Staff! Sweeper! Whip! Hothead!

By day they... well, they sleep actually. But in the early evening, till sometime around 11:30, while Superman is washing his tights, Batman is putting the brats to bed and Green Lantern is out getting lit, who is it that keeps the streets safe from evil doers and naughty dum dums?


Guarding the common folk while attending to minor clerical duties that the 'day shifters' find too demeaning, the 2nd shift heroes find adventure and marginal excitement in the mundane repetitive tasks of thier 'cover' jobs as donation sorters for a local charity thrift store.

Completed 03/26/2004
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